Saturday, October 15, 2005


First Call

This is my first article for this blog.I felt that as part of my pro bono work, in gratitude to the legal profession and my being a law professor, I am setting up this blog, specifically, to address your legal questions gratis et amore in the way I know how.

You can ask any legal question that I am in a position to answer. If not, I will refer you to Prof. Punzi's Lecture Blog Series. Certain ground rules:

a. To avoid embarrassment, you can couch your questions hypothetically but make sure that it is detailed enough for me to answer intelligibly. Opinions shall be based on specific facts and circumstances disclosed in the questions;

b. Send your questions to lacierda [at] gmail [dot] com. Questions that you asked will be posted in this blogsite but your names may be disclosed or withheld upon your specific request. In the absence of any directive, your questions will be couched anonymously;

c. You agree that the legal opinions rendered are for informational purposes only and you must consult a lawyer for further verification and confirmation before going to court;

d. By posing the question, you agree to the rules and to any future rules that may be set up.

We have seen legal aid given in person, in print, in TV, and in radio. Now, legal aid can be given over the internet by way of blogging. So, let's start the blog rolling. If you need legal aid, just blog to SAKLAWLAW.

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